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tefl online pro review, submitted by Helen.

Always wanted to teach English in Germany, but every other school I applied to didn’t really give me the impression they would help me that much. Seemed they only wanted my sign-up money. tefl online pro, on the other hand, have a lot of fingers in the international pie and what persuaded me was their Everything you need to know about teaching English in Germany article, published on their school website blog. Other schools also have blog posts about teaching abroad, but tefl online pro really goes the extra mile to add all the essential information and not just add a few paragraphs for SEO purposes.

Pros of the tefl online pro course:

  1. I received a 30% discount, making my Professional online TEFL course reduced from $299 to just over $200
  2. It’s an internationally recognized TEFL certificate so it’s good for wherever you want to teach in the world.
  3. My online tutor was amazing.
  4. The course content was very thorough and in-depth.
  5. They helped me so much with finding work in Germany (Berlin) and without their help, It would have taken a lot longer to get started there. They found me a job in my dream destination. Oh, and they don’t cream off any “finder’s fee” money like other TEFL schools do. They put me in direct contact with the school and everything was transparent.
  6. I know that whenever I need help or advice they will always be there for me.

Cons of the tefl online pro course:

  1. None whatsoever.

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  1. Helen! Wie ist berlin? 🙂 By the sounds of your review, all is going swimmingly well! Thank you so much for such lovely feedback of our services and also for the mention of the Teaching English in Germany blog post which took me the large part of a wet morning to compile 🙂 Remember to reach out to us whenever you require ongoing help and support. We sincerely wish you all the best!
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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