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“overpriced for what you receive”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Nathan.

The University of Toronto most definitely uses its affiliation with Toronto University to create a warm fuzzy feeling that its online TEFL certification course is an arm of the university and therefore a highly superior TEFL option.

In truth though, I think they only share the name of the university and are in no way affiliated with it. Please correct me in the comments section below if I am wrong here.

It is a very good course but just not worth the hefty price tag and I even had one employer turn me down because he thought it was some kind of online university scam. “But really!”, I said. “It can be taken in under a month and it is a university TEFL course!”. He just shook his head and actually felt quite annoyed that I had had the gall to even attend the interview.

I did have better luck at other interviews, but this type of TEFL might well be seen as being somehow illegitimate, given so much news coverage recently on CBS about people earning fake degrees from fictitious universities.

I just want to state that this is a legit university and they do provide international TEFL certification courses. The course was great, but, overpriced for what you receive.

One of their staff members literally lives on Quora, trying to flog the courses, and this was another red flag to me after I had completed the course and then decided to research the company more.

If you have the money then do take the course. If you don’t, then any other cheaper course in the $200 – $400 range will do.

They do offer some job guidance but it doesn’t really amount to much. I did learn a lot on the course though, so it wasn’t a complete waste of money and I was (finally) able to use the certificate to please a school employer.

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