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“overall a passable course without really preparing you that well for the outside world of TEFL”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Ali.

My main beef with this company is that they only issue you with a PDF certificate copy when you have completed the course and depending on where you live in the world, the sending of your hardcopy certificate can sometimes equate to the price of the online TEFL course price itself. So before committing, specifically ask them to be upfront and question them about how much it will cost to have your certificate sent. Despite this, I really would recommend paying for the certificate “upgrade” because the PDF version is a bit of a joke and seems obviously designed to push you into paying for the hardcopy version. I had a friend who (unbeknown to me) took his TEFL with a different company and the certificate/postal charges were nowhere near what I ended up paying. Having said this, I did enjoy the course and I found interactions with the school to always be on a professional level. Let’s face it, it isn’t the most in-depth online TEFL course out there, but I’ve read that a lot of training is an on-the-job experience so I wouldn’t be too bothered about taking a course my 20-year-old son could have completed in 24 hours. They do cover a lot of the fundamentals of teaching English abroad though so it wasn’t a course totally taken in vain. Just be mindful of all those extra charges. Overall a passable course without really preparing you that well for the outside world of TEFL.

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