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tefl online pro review, submitted by Harry.

This is a solid course from an established school and helped pave the way for me to start teaching English in Japan.

I decided to take their Hybrid Online/Onsite course, which meant 120 hours of methodology and 20 hours of practical teaching practice. I could have just gone with the (Professional) 120-hour course but I thought why not shell out a bit more and get some teaching under my belt first before heading overseas?

The methodology section of the course is very well designed and logically leads you through all the core TEFL components. In other words, through everything you need to have a very good overview of if you want to teach English. It covers things like grammar, phonetics, and lesson planning. Plus, you also get to cover a couple of lessons which focus on Business English and teaching children.

Personal tutor support comes with the course at no extra charge and although I hardly used the support, it was good to know it was there readily available should I have needed it.

TEFL Online Pro’s job guidance support is very, very, very good. I knew I wanted to teach in Japan but didn’t really know where to begin looking. They explained all the essentials to me and helped me through the whole process of finding a well-paid job in Nagoya. I didn’t want to experience such cold winters, so Nagoya turned out to be an excellent choice.

If you are thinking about doing your TEFL then Tefl Online Pro should be at the top of your list. Recommended!

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  1. Thank you so much Harry for your positive feedback of the Hybrid 140-Hour international Online/Onsite course. The next time we are visiting Nagoya, we will be sure to arrange a meeting up for a bowl of ramen and a chat to see how life is developing for your there. Please feel fee to reach out to us at any time should you require any further tips, help or advice.
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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