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3 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Jennifer.

I came away from taking the International Tefl and Tesol Training course with mixed feelings really.

While thorough, I did think the ITTT online TEFL course that I took (120-Hour) seemed outdated and vague in places, and some of the lessons were definitely low on content – meaning I easily passed the course but didn’t really feel that confident of my teaching knowledge by the end of it. The course initially seems good value but when you factor in things like certification fees and the need to pay for an online tutor if you find yourself, like I did, needing the help, then it does push the price up somewhat significantly. Also, ITTT’s customer service isn’t that great and the whole operation seems to be set up just to whisk people through the teacher training process and extracting as much money from them in the process as possible.

I was able to use the certificate in another country though so this was a definite plus of the program for me. I didn’t really receive a lot of support from ITTT in finding work, but I already had work lined up anyway and it was just a case of completing the course for my employer to be satisfied of my teaching credentials. Still, I would have preferred taking a course which would have given me more skills and confidence in my teaching English abilities.

Overall. This is a middle of the road course and while it may serve a purpose for people already with TEFL experience, it fell short of the mark for me and if given the opportunity again, I would probably choose a different course to get trained up to teach English abroad with.

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