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TEFL Course Learn TEFL Learn TEFL review, submitted by James.

The Learn TEFL Master 150 Hour was a pretty terrible course to take. It failed to cover any of the teaching topics in an easy-to-understand way and the tutor feedback wasn’t provided as promised. The price of the course suited my budget but because I was able to complete the whole course in one day I really didn’t feel that I got good value for money. This is a text-taught course and because of the need to scroll through pages and pages of text, it quickly became very monotonous after the first hour of study. The reason for taking this course though was just to get TEFL certified and that’s exactly what it did for me. However, I haven’t been successful in using the certificate in job interviews. I don’t think the certificate has a good reputation and if I’m honest it looks like it was printed off the internet. I would shop around for a better course if I were you. This is what I will do if I ever do decide to look again into teaching English abroad. I rate this program 1.5 from 5 stars. I don’t recommend it.

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  1. It’s very refreshing to read other reviews (James) that agree with everything I experienced with learntefl.com. It took a while to complete all 12 modules. Whoever put this course together DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. First, the course is in British English, quite different from American English, which I speak. The course itself was too chatty and didn’t provide any overall information that I didn’t have already. The modules went back/forth, using British English then American English, which was confusing. The tutor who was assigned to me wasn’t at all helpful and for some reason left the company (I wonder why?). After passing all 12 modules, they had the audacity to add in Assignments 1 & 2, stating that if the student did not pass, they could not take the final exam. These folks (across the pond) are scam artists for sure. I have 4 years of teaching ESL to foreign students (at the intermediate level) but only as a volunteer; an enjoyable activity I did after work. That was 27 years ago. How can one possibly turn learning ESL (with grammar & vocabulary) into a freakin’ science??? These folks did, making it harder than it had to be. They use “big” words to throw the readers off, instead of getting to the point. Very duplicitous indeed. I DO NOT RECOMMEND them to anyone. Very disappointing. Be sure to research these companies thoroughly!

  2. By the way, I took the 150 hour course. They need to streamline it for sure; instead they do so to keep their jobs. I am looking for something more streamlined and that gets to the point. Who cares about some Olympic athlete I never heard of or some political issue that doesn’t concern me. This entire course is nothing more than a ginormous rip-off!

    1. Sarah.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      OK. Time for me to rant 🙂

      Whenever someone complains about their dirt-cheap Online TEFL certification course not being up to the standard that they were expecting, part of me wants to dish out some blame on the reviewer.

      I mean, what did you expect?

      The Learn TEFL certification course is only US$34.

      Did you think that a TEFL certification course costing US$34 would be a good investment of your time and energy?

      Did you think that a TEFL certification course costing US$34 would come with all the bells and whistles?

      Did you think that a TEFL certification course costing US$34 would sufficiently train you up to become a competent ESL teacher?

      Did you think that a TEFL certification course costing US$34 would be recognized by employers and job visa departments worldwide?

      I just don’t understand people that search out the cheapest TEFL certification course to take when that TEFL certificate will stay with them for the entirety of their teaching career.

      For anyone reading this comment- never purchase a 120-Hour TEFL course for under US$100.

      If you do, you should expect to receive a substandard course and a substandard certificate.

      There. Rant over 🙂

      My advice, Sarah, is to move on from your poor choice and choose a TEFL course that is Fully Accredited and internationally recognized.

      Check the TEFL Course Directory to see which TEFL programs are Fully Accredited and which TEFL programs are the best rated by verified customer reviews:


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