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  1. Thank you for adding your review, N.C.

    Yes, fake reviews are a massive problem within the TEFL course industry and we have also noticed that some of the popular TEFL course review websites offer advertising spots for the TEFL companies reviewed on their reviews websites. We think this is a clear example of a conflict of interests and consider this highly unethical behaviour. It might be the reason why some of the Online TEFL certification courses listed on Trusted TEFL Reviews have balanced reviews and why on the sites which accept paid advertising they only have published glowing 5-Star reviews.

    If you are interested, there was an excellent article published by BBC World today which sheds more light on this problem: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-47952165

    You can also read more about how to avoid TEFL course scams here: https://trustedteflreviews.com/2019/03/09/how-not-to-fall-victim-to-a-tefl-scam/

    When you are reading a trustedteflreviews.com review, you can be assured that it was written by a graduate of the program being reviewed, and not a planted review written by a member of a TEFL course program. We never accept paid advertisements and never delete negative reviews when they have been verified as authentic course experiences.


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