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Review of the University of Toronto Online TEFL certification course program

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3 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Sam.


  • I initially liked the fact they work together with the Teach Away program which will help find you a teaching job when you’ve finished their course.
  • It thoroughly covers all the tefl 101 essentials. If you take this course, you will come out with a full rounded knowledge of tefl.
  • It’s a self-guided course and their tech is set up so that it is easy to follow.
  • The course feedback support was very good. Never had to wait more than a couple of days to receive a reply to a question or a confused ask for help.


  • The course fee. They charge way more than other online tefl schools for what I can gather is a similar product and I guess the word “university” means they feel entitled to be able to do this.
  • At times the course content does feel a little repetitive and a little flat.
  • While it is linked to the University of Toronto, this isn’t a University of Toronto course. They just seem to be loosely affiliated with the university.
  • The Teach Away program hasn’t the best of reputations as I later discovered.

If I could recommend a change that this school could make it would be to not only offer the Teach Away job support program and to offer other options too. I feel this really lets the University of Toronto Online tefl certification course experience down.

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