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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Megan.

I enjoyed taking this course and I did learn something from it, but there were some serious flaws, as I want to briefly highlight after describing the course’s pros.

The pros were mainly that this was my first online study experience and I was impressed with how it was even possible to study online. At first, I was skeptical, but now I wouldn’t think twice about taking another learning program online. The Bridge TEFL 120-Hour (Master) course is made up of thirteen modules and you get to cover what I imagine are the essential English grammar teaching topics, such as the Overview of Tenses section, which I found particularly of high interest. As someone who was born in an English-speaking country, I was actually amazed at how much I didn’t know about the theory of English grammar. So for me anyway, the course content was very good and I did come out with a decent foundation in TEFL knowledge.

The con of taking your online TEFL with Bridge TEFL is unfortunately that the course is over-priced. I enrolled in a timely manner because they were offering a limited discount on the course, but I have since noticed that this same discount runs on a constant basis, and compared to other courses which offer the same type of course this one is more expensive. Then, in the end, I was forced to fork out $75 for Bridge TEFL to mail me the certificate. If I hadn’t paid this extra fee, I would just have only received a certificate PDF copy.

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