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UKtefl review, written by A.P.

The course was very detailed and not so deep all at the same time. A lot of text to read through which made it quite uncomfortable for my eyes. Otherwise, everything was fine. There were additional things to pay for at the end, but they didn’t add up to a huge amount and I was semi-fine with this. Job support is OK. Nothing too fancy, but I already had a teaching job lined up anyway so didn’t need to use this service. I think a course is a solid option for TEFL newbies, as it will teach you the basics and then get you headed in the right direction. What I would recommend is before you pay for your course make sure to ask UK TEFL exactly how they will help you look for work. As far as I could gather, they just direct you to their jobs page. But I may be wrong. The UK TEFL 120-hour Online TEFL certification course worked for me – I only needed proof of a TEFL course completion for my new employer. Not an excellent course, not a terrible one either. You should be just fine.

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  1. Hey,am surfing the internet on trying to get a stable tefl course.can you please tell me how soon you received your certificate and tell me more on the additional costs, little tight on budget.

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