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Very good INTESOL course/ shady accreditation

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INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Lucy.

I don’t understand why, but it is very difficult to find INTESOL Worldwide reviews online. So I wanted to add mine here on

Firstly, I’ll list the pros and then cons of taking this TEFL/TESOL certification course.

The 120-hour course price is reasonable and is a way more affordable alternative to in-class TEFL courses.

I had no problems with the sign-up process and there were no hidden, extra costs.

The study content was excellent. It was interesting and made me feel excited about when I would be teaching English myself.

I don’t know why in hell, but they just have stock images on their official school website. It just devalues their look and gives off a cheesy vibe.

Their accreditation is a joke. INTESOL’s website reads: ‘INTESOL Worldwide TEFL | TESOL courses are accredited and certified by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK-based Awarding Organisation. ALAP is an accrediting organization that specializes in the ELT industry.’ When you visit their website, you get to pages with more stock photos and really vague language. They don’t even list the names of the schools which they accredit.

I read the FAQs here and was surprised to learn that there is no single TEFL/TESOL accreditation body. So never choose a course because of who they are accredited by or if they are or not. It just doesn’t matter.

Still though, INTESOL Worldwide get 3 stars from me as the course was excellent.

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