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2 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Helen.

They have been in business for many years so that drew me to them. I wanted a tefl certificate from a credible company. Their website was also attractive and their promises and claims made them stand out from other companies.

There are 12 units in the course, which are little more than a collection of online pages that you click through. From time to time an embedded video shows, but other than that the course is like reading a book.

They do love their “limited time” discounts, which they run throughout the year. So don’t feel pressured to sign up because of this. Good chances are the discount which is set to end in a few days will automatically extend once the last few days are up. It’s a basic selling technique that many companies use to rush consumers into buying their products.

I had no issues when presenting my i-to-i/love tefl certificate in my job interview. Despite the lack of course depth, the result (certificate) is valid. But, if like me, you are completely new to tefl, I’d choose another school offering a tefl course where you learn something.

Zilch “international job support”, despite contrary claims made on their websites. Once you’re done with your course study, you’ll be on your own.

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