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ICAL TEFL review, submitted by J B.

I recently completed the ICAL 120-hour tefl online certification course and I have a few complaints about this program, which set me back at only $265.00 all-inclusive. My online tutor was there to assist whenever I needed the help, with excellent feedback and an ocean of patience. The course was well-designed and logically followed what I was expecting from a teacher-training course. There were the usual suspects, such as grammar, but also their advertised practical tools & lesson ideas that have continued to aid me in the classroom. Course access was 24/7 and without technical issues. So regarding the course structure and support, I have no qualms. Everything worked like clockwork. I also liked how ICAL tefl is upfront about the salary you can expect to earn as a qualified English teacher. A few other schools quote much higher salaries on their websites which must be surely checked into as a case of false advertising because there is no way you can earn up to $4,000.00 a month in Vietnam. What ICAL tefl quoted as being possible to earn post-course was more realistic. The only ICAL course negatives I had were minor in comparison to the positives. My tefl course certificate was delivered electronically and I could have done with a hard copy of my certificate too. Not a big deal though as my school accepted the electronic version without hesitation. No real job guidance to speak of per se but I already had a job lined up so again this wasn’t a huge issue for me. My ICAL 120-hour tefl online certification course was a positive experience and contributed to the help I needed to secure my teaching job here in Taiwan. So, therefore, I recommend the investment.

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  1. i started the ICAL course but did not complete it. I liked the structure and listed content, but I had a tutor who was very impolite and pompous. She wrote unclear criticism, and, then, when I responded and asked for clarification, she wrote a nasty reply. That’s why I never finished that course. I never got any support from the administration to clear up the problem. My fee went down the drain.

    1. Hi Kim,

      I’m sorry you felt your tutor was somewhat offhanded when she replied to you. We pride ourselves on a team of very highly experienced and friendly tutors. Of course, not all matches are made in heaven, so on the rare occasion when the tutor/student relationship is not working out, we always offer the student the opportunity to change tutor.

      By all means, feel free to come back on board anytime. We will be more than happy to help you resume your ICAL studies.

      All the best

      Pete West
      ICAL Admin

  2. This is a very considerate response, and I will be getting back on board with this course.

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