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ITTT review, submitted by L.T.

Money was tight and there were no onsite TEFL or TESOL certification classes available in the local area so my choice was limited to online TEFL/TESOL certification. I chose the ITTT 120-Hour TEFL online course because they advertised Technical Support and Job Guidance. Mixed emotions really. Overall, I felt the course was good and the detailed review of grammar was helpful. I was disappointed there were no video or interactive tutorials, but I see now that these are only offered together with the 220-Hour Master Package. I was also really impressed with the phonetics section in which the phonic chart was introduced and I refer back to this up until this day for use in my classes. The “Lifetime Job Support” was pretty meh and I found myself not needing it as soon as my foot was in the door of my first paid teaching job. They will help you take the first steps to find a teaching English abroad job, but it’s little more than a list of schools and I was expecting more. Not sure if they’ll keep doing this for the rest of your life and not sure if you’ll really need it either when you are 90. Their certificate does look great: embossed and shiny. So overall, I’d say the course was pretty good but the price of the course – including the time extension – really added up and made for an overall expensive program. I can’t really say I would recommend ITTT, but I’m sure you can do much worse.

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