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Premier TEFL review, submitted by J M.

Once you buy your Premier TEFL online TEFL/TESOL certification course access, you’ll find that the requests for money don’t stop there. It’s a bit like booking a flight and having to pay for extra add-ons, with the 15 Euro for a PDF of proof of course study a bit of a slap in the face really. They even nickel and dime you for a certificate hard copy. It’s a shame because as far as the course goes it’s decent, and the course layout is clear. They did help me to find a job after the course, but it hasn’t been the best of experiences and I’m paid a lot less than most of my colleagues who work in other schools. If I were given the choice to take the course again, I probably wouldn’t. I just feel that Premier TEFL should be more upfront about the additional costs in the course sign-up process and could be more forthcoming with their post-course job assistance. The course was fine though and without major issues.

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