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ITTO review, submitted by Anonymous.

A very good course which did what it said on the tin. The whole process of signing up was easy and I particularly found their online chat useful in ironing out the kinks before committing. I did spend a lot of time comparing courses before taking the plunge and their course prices were on par with other schools. So yeah, even though I had a whole lot of other options out there my decision was tipped because of the excellent communication through email and through their website chat feature. ITTO offers Basic, Standard, and Advanced courses and it was recommended that I take the latter. I think it was good advice because even though this course is their most expensive at $325 there isn’t a great difference in price compared with the other two and because I didn’t have any teaching experience before, I felt that I did need a more thorough study. During the course, my personal tutor support was excellent (again through the website chat feature mostly). It actually took me a really short time to complete the course (1 week) so I’m not sure if this is the norm or not but the course is advertised as being 140 hours in total – I spent maybe 20 hours max on study time. But the modules were intuitive and the interactive videos broke up the course nicely. The certificate was issued promptly and then I was all set to start using their advertised worldwide job support, which was little more than a list of schools they recommended. I did get a job (not with one of the schools they referred me to) but I felt that this part of their service let them down significantly. A solid course though with amazing support.

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