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“For the amount of money I paid, I was expecting much more help with finding teaching English work online”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Sarah.

I purchased the ITA Intensive 4-Week Online TEFL Certification Course in August because I hoped it would open the doors for working online. Previously to taking the course I had been a student and had only ever had short-term working contracts – I thought that teaching English online would be a good fit for me. ITA claims on their website that you can take the course and find a teaching English job online within 4 weeks, but this wasn’t my experience at all. The course was ridiculously expensive and I stupidly thought that this would be a solid guarantee of quality. The course IS very good. But I found it unnecessarily complicated and clumsy. Really, you need to take a course to learn how to navigate this course. If you are thinking about taking the course with ITA then my advice, before you even enroll, is to go onto YouTube and look at the Moodle tutorials. ITA uses Moodle as their learning platform for the course. Because of Covid-19 it obviously wasn’t possible to take the in-person teaching practice in-person, so I taught my lessons online. I really enjoyed those classes but I think ITA should reduce the course fee, now that they are saving money on organizing in-person teaching practice placements. If I had known beforehand that the reason for such a high course fee was because they usually pay for your teaching practice hours overseas, instead of teaching them to students online, I definitely would have chosen a different program because the price of the course is way overpriced for what you receive. Especially when I compare the program to other 120-hour courses offering essentially the same course but for a much lower price. I did finish the course and I did receive the certification and I did receive some help finding work, but again I think that here ITA could definitely perform much better. I was just given a list of online schools. For the amount of money I paid, I was expecting much more help with finding teaching English work online.

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