“I completed just over half the course. Within that time, I received no feedback on any of my work”

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120-Hour TEFL Certification MyTEFL review, submitted by Evan.

120-Hour TEFL Certification. Evan’s MyTEFL review.

So many TEFL courses out there! It was a small nightmare trying to choose which one to take. In the end, I narrowed my list down to just two: MyTEFL and TEFL Online Pro. I ended up choosing MyTEFL simply because they were offering me a 50% course discount, because of my recent college graduate status.

To begin with, MyTEFL was very responsive to emails and the telephone call I made to their Vancouver office. They explained everything very clearly, confirming everything written on their website; that the course is exceptional, that there is amazing support throughout the course, that they go out of their way to help with job hunting, etc. I was initially impressed! But then reality hit.

The quick, helpful responses abruptly stopped at the moment of purchasing the (120-hour) MyTEFL course. It was in stark contrast to before I signed up. No matter how many emails I sent, asking valid questions about the course system, I never got a reply back. And yes, I did check my Junk/Spam. I then decided to call them, like when I had, before I paid for the course, and they just brushed me off with a short reply to my question which didn’t help me at all.

In total, I completed just over half the course. Within that time, I received no feedback on any of my work. It felt like I was studying blind. The 6 or so modules which I did complete, I completed in just a few days. It was ridiculously easy. Read a boring text. Answer some multiple-choice questions. Repeat.

The thing is, I didn’t just take the course to get a certificate. I chose MyTEFL because of what student blogs wrote about the course; it educates you in TEFL to a top level. It doesn’t, and I question the authenticity of those MyTEFL student blogs.

After I had finished the sixth module, and when I read through the 7th and saw a few glaring grammar and spelling mistakes in the text, I contacted MyTEFL for a refund. I was still within the window to able to qualify for a discount, based on their course purchase Terms and Conditions.

MyTEFL wrote back that I wouldn’t qualify for a refund, and I never got a further reply back. I had to contact my bank to ask them to get my money back for me. Last Thursday, my bank informed me that they would be able to claw back the money for me, so I now feel comfortable leaving this MyTEFL review.

The first thing I did was enroll in the TEFL Online Pro (120 hours) TEFL course; something I should have done at the start. It’s been almost a week now and the difference between MyTEFL and TEFL Online Pro is like night and day.

I don’t feel like I’m studying blind now. When I purchased the TEFL Online Pro course, I received a welcome email from my tutor (Paul) and when I send a message to him, I got a message back almost instantly. The course is way better designed too, and without any grammar or spelling mistakes. The difference in price is only about $50, so I recommend TEFL Online Pro as the far better choice.

Despite the rocky start with MyTEFL, I’m now looking forward to completing my TEFL Online Pro course and I’m looking forward to teaching English online with the certification. I’ve read great things about teaching English online and this comes at the perfect time for me to start doing it.

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