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World TESOL Academy Certificate.

1 star online tefl review

World TESOL Academy review, submitted by Deborah.

It has to be a one-star review from me, I’m afraid.

As I imagine so many others before me did, I also didn’t take my father’s advice that if something looks good to be true then it usually is.

The TEFL course with World TESOL Academy cost just $38 (US) and I naively thought all courses cost around this price. Of course, I later learned that you need to pay a few $$$ if you want a certificate that is going to get you into the right places.

From the outset, the course was a joke. This is when I realized what I’d gotten myself into.

After each module, there is a reminder that you can earn commission fees by selling the course to other people. These reminders continue to this day, despite my having stopped the course last year.

The 120-hour course was over in a day, so it took considerably less time than 120 hours.

Before you ask, no, I am not a TEFL Einstein.

When the World TESOL Academy certificate finally arrived, it looked poorly designed and not something that I would accept if I were the manager of an English school.

The one good thing, I suppose, is at least they spelled my name correctly on the certificate.

I did try applying for jobs with the certificate. I never got a ring back or an email response from anyone that I contacted.

It’s now back to the drawing board and I shall search for a 120-hour TEFL course which is in the $$$ range.

I wish I could write that I learned something from the course with World TESOL Academy, but I learned very little.

The one thing I did learn, is how to try to effectively get your customers to market your TEFL course to other people. This must be the only reason why this program has so many 5-star reviews on the internet because the people who wrote the review are hoping you buy the course through them.

If anyone gave this course five stars, they will either be an affiliate or be so tone-deaf to quality online study.

Anyway, I digress.

Yes, you should avoid this TEFL program.

The World TESOL Academy certificate won’t help you in the least.

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