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http://www.i-to-i.com review i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Jessica.

This is my http://www.i-to-i.com review and I think this company also operates as Love TEFL.

Enrolling in the course was a straightforward and generally painless process. I paid with my credit card. I do see that you can also pay with PayPal, which is a good option if you have a verified account with them. I could access the course a few minutes after I made my course purchase. So far so good.

The course material content is good, but it also needs some updating. In the section on teaching English and multimedia, there was a note about how to use a cassette for a listening exercise. I just can’t see how this information is still relevant in 2023.

My main beef with the program was with the customer service. From what I read on the http://www.i-to-i.com website, I was looking forward to fast response times from the online tutors and administration support. Instead, I was always left waiting for a reply that would roll into my Gmail Inbox between 3-7 days after my request was sent and received by http://www.i-to-i.com.

Sometimes the information I requested wasn’t so urgent and it wasn’t crucial for me that I have a quick response. Other times, I did really need a quick answer so I could proceed to the next section of the course.

When I took the time to go back through the http://www.i-to-i.com website, I did see a lot of claims made on the site that are not true. I understand that companies stretch the truth on their websites, but i-to-i does a lot of stretching as far as I can tell.

What did I like about the course?

Everything was done online which meant I was able to study at home and at times which suited me. I didn’t have to turn up in person to any appointments and the certificate was also delivered to my home address without me having to go pick it up.

I also thought the course chapter subjects were interesting and motivating. You get to learn how to teach English in a variety of situations and to a variety of students.

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