“Overall it has been a very positive experience”

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ITTT review, submitted by Chania.

The ITTT International TEFL TESOL Training Teaching English as a Foreign Language course online has been an eye-opener for me because before taking this course I’d only ever volunteered to teach English, without any formal qualifications. So this is one of the main reasons why I questioned myself whether I was up to taking an intensive 4-week course online. In the end, as most things do, it turned out to be much easier and much more doable than I’d first anticipated. The course just took a week to complete, without the tutor’s support which I was advised not to purchase, and eventually, I breezed through the course, and I know that the TEFL certificate hung on my bedroom wall will come in handy one day. I shall probably be looking to teach overseas next year when my final year of college is over, and then I’ll be emailing ITTT to see whether they have any job openings in the places where I’m interested in teaching. Overall it has been a very positive experience and I shall pass the word on to others who might not even know that it’s possible to earn a living by teaching English.

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  1. I had an opposite experience than you Chania. I was having problems getting my ITTT TEFL certificate notarised for a teaching job in Thailand. ITTT TEFL has Thailand as their home base so I thought it would be easy to get the paperwork done. It wasn’t. ITTT TEFL is a private school so it made the notarisation process much more complicated. In the end the only way to get it done was to pay ITTT TEFL about the same amount I’d paid for the course, just to get a different piece of paper that was finally accepted by the visa place in Bangkok. ITTT TEFL just wanted my money. I wouldn’t recommend the school.

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