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“Do I recommend teaching in Brazil? Yes!”

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Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Walter.

This review is a bit late because I graduated from Maximo Nivel TEFL in 2019 but I wanted to add my two cents about the program anyway, now that I have completed my job placement in Brazil.

When I took the TEFL there obviously weren’t the concerns that there are now about the pandemic and life back then was a whole lot easier when you could buy a flight ticket, get on a plane, and just get away. I know you can still do this with some testing restrictions and quarantine in some places only being the barrier but hell, I do miss the ease with which travel was so routine back then.

My original plan was to start out teaching in Recife and then work my way around the continent. I ended up staying in Recife. That’s where I met my wife-to-be and we have since relocated back to Canada. My wife has family in Recife and Sao Paulo so will defo travel back there on a semi-regular basis.

Do I recommend teaching in Brazil? Yes!

The money you get for teaching is good (not nearly as good though as somewhere like South Korea) and it works out well because of the relatively low cost of living. People are for the majority part friendly and the food is to die for.

A review of living in Brazil does need to address the crime levels. They are high but as long as you don’t walk around flashing your cash you should be OK. Just avoid the less safe areas of town and never go to any of the favelas. Have heard more than one story of a well-meaning tourist heading to the favelas to try and do good and leaving with nothing but the shirt on their back. If they are lucky.

There are some better-located cities to work in if you do want to hop around the continent in the holidays but IMHO Recife can’t be beaten in terms of its atmosphere and lifestyle.

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