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“I strongly recommend UoT TEFL as a place to become TESOL certified”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Stuart.

After completing my bachelor’s last year, I decided to continue my education by completing the TESOL course with the University of Toronto TEFL program. The application process was easy and thorough, and I was impressed with how the course materials were presented (given that it was a distance-learning course, focusing on learning a hands-on teaching discipline). I enrolled at the beginning of August and had all the course modules completed by the end of September.

The online classes were easy to access and navigate and the curriculum was very informative. I liked the interactive lesson plans and teaching practice which helped me track my progress and select materials which have been workhorses for me since starting to teach students online. The cost was not bad at all compared to other (in-class) schools in my area and I thought the course and support provided were good value for money. I still stay in touch with the school now and again, especially when I have an urgent classroom question, or when I need advice on an employment-related matter. Overall I enjoyed my TESOL experience at UoT TEFL. The staff was always available when I had questions or concerns and the curriculum was professional and practical. I strongly recommend UoT TEFL as a place to become TESOL certified.

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