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“Easily the best TEFL course in Thailand”

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TEFL Bangkok Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Lesia.

TEFL Bangkok. Easily the best TEFL course in Thailand.

The Vantage TEFL (combination) course went far beyond my expectations and I can’t recommend the program enough. This is one of the online/in-class courses, where I studied the theory online and then taught in-class (practicum) at their downtown school. I made a list of some of the things which I especially loved about the program.

  • The staff is very helpful and friendly – this applies to both the online and on-location staff.
  • I thought the price was very reasonable for what you receive from the whole course package.
  • I was able to use the certification without any problems here in Thailand.
  • The school provides support if you need it during the course and later on afterward.
  • The course is presented in a logical format and my tutor was very encouraging.
  • The support and feedback given during my in-class practicum were excellent.
  • The teaching practice component really elevates the prestige of the certification.

Overall I highly recommend Vantage TEFL in Bangkok, if you are looking to teach English in Thailand. They have contacts throughout the country and so are able to pass contacts your way when looking for work when the course is complete. Everyone at the school is super friendly too.

And finally, Vantage TEFL know the country inside out – they can recommend where to settle and teach. I really enjoyed the month staying in Bangkok, but knew I wanted to live and teach somewhere a lot less hectic. Vantage recommended Krabi to me, so I took a weekend trip down and have been here ever since!

Thailand is amazing. I highly recommend teaching English here!

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