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italki teaching English online.

I completed the 120-hour TEFL course online last year (ITTT TEFL) and I have to say it was an excellent overall experience. Because of unexpected busy work hours, it took me circa 8 weeks from start to finish. I think I read somewhere it usually takes half that time. But I did complete it and I did pass everything. When I reached out for job-finding tips, I was directed to a few websites. One of these was italki. It’s a sort of social networking site which connects students with teachers. After reading reviews, I registered and it didn’t take long to bag my first student. Maybe I was lucky but my first student was awesome (she is still one of my regular students) and it didn’t take long to get the word out about what I was offering and the hours I was available. They do start you off on a very average hourly rate, but there is a gradual increase in the pay scale, so my advice is to earn your stripes in the first few months because after that you should notice a marked increase in the number of students being referred to you and a marked increase in the amount you earn. One of the other things I appreciate about italki is they have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if your student cancels 24 hours before a class you still get paid for that class and italki will help claim the money for you. My gross income from italki alone in December was circa $3,000, so defo worth it if you are prepared to hustle and teach long hours.

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