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“I know that I can teach English in any country in the world because the certificate is fully accredited”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Ashley.

I have just finished my 120-hour study course in TEFL, and the journey of learning was just awesome. I studied online using my phone whenever I had time and was able to finish the course in two weeks. Considering some TEFL courses cost almost $1,000, I was glad to find this fully accredited one for only $200. The content of the program was really satisfying as it was right on spot and I discovered so much more than expected about different teaching and learning styles/methods. I received my digital certificate as soon as I finished the course, which was also awesome. The course really helped me take the first step into teaching and has really helped in my career boost. One of the common complaints I read about online TEFL courses, in general, is that they don’t live up to the mark and fail to properly train you for real-life teaching. This course was the exact opposite. I was confident in my job interviews because I knew the subject material and all of the major teaching techniques, and I felt eager to start teaching and felt properly prepared for my first online classes. To top it all off, I know that I can teach English in any country in the world because the certificate is fully accredited. That’s incredible value for a $200 investment.

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