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“I’d like to teach in Ecuador because it has a beautiful coastline and quick travel access to the Amazon Rainforest”

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Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Owen.

My main reason and motivation for attending the Maximo Nivel virtual TEFL classroom course during the Covid-19 pandemic were initially to stave off the boredom of being stuck in my apartment and wanting to have a future travel plan. I read an article where it was written that planning for future travel events is healthy. I’m so glad that I did do it and I’m really happy with myself for using my time constructively when a lot of other people were day and night gorging themselves on Netflix. The course was demanding. And I’m so glad that it was. I read about the TEFL mills, where you just turn up and get a TEFL certificate. I definitely wanted the opposite of this. I needed the challenge that this course provided me. It’s totally clear to me now why Maximo Nivel is one of the best-rated TEFL programs on In terms of the travel motivation part, my original intention was to teach English and settle in Costa Rica for a while. I’ve read that it is plausible to travel there, now that their travel restrictions have been relaxed. I’m now thinking of actually going further south, down to Ecuador. I’d like to teach in Ecuador because it has a beautiful coastline and quick travel access to the Amazon Rainforest. The friendly staff at Maximo Nivel is currently helping me with this transition abroad.

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