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“TESL online with no extreme positives or negatives”

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Bridge TEFL

Unlike other TESL online courses I have recently looked into, the one offered by Bridge has certain set start and end dates. This rigid scheduling would better suit someone who is committed to a 4-week window of the study, mirroring the traditional in-person TESL course program timetables.

3 star online tefl review

Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Sandy.

TESL online with no extreme positives or negatives.

The course was good. Support was good too. The price of the course and certificate was a little on the steep side but still within my agreed budget. Course feedback was a bit hit or miss. Sometimes the feedback was detailed/relevant and sometimes it seemed I got a bot response. No spelling or grammar errors as some reviewers have brought up when taking some of the other TESL courses. School staff and tutors were friendly, apart from when it was clearly a copy-and-paste response. I neither felt overwhelmed nor underwhelmed with my Bridge TEFL experience.

If I could go back and choose again then I’d choose a more flexible course, where there aren’t specific start and end dates for the course. I just naturally assumed this was how all TESL courses operated until I conducted some post-course research. Unless you are a serious procrastinator and need the time constraints of a 4-week TESL course with no room for flexibility, I’d consider a TESL course where you get more than a month to complete everything.

If you are happy with the rigid scheduling then I’d say go for the Bridge TEFL course. It’s a safe bet program.

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