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“Is Ninja Teacher Academy Legit?”

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Is Ninja Teacher Academy Legit Ninja Teacher Academy review, submitted by Claire.

Is Ninja Teacher Academy Legit?

First of all I just want to make it clear that my original plans were to travel to Vietnam to take this 120 hour course in person at the Ninja Teacher Academy school. I read many great positive reviews of the program there and I really liked the energy of its founder, who is not shy of promoting his courses on video sharing platforms like YouTube. I could see his energy was contagious because the videos in where he is teaching the TEFL student also have that energetic enthusiasm about them. I’d read about all the TEFL program scams in Asia, such as the MyTEFL one, and I didn’t want to fall foul like some of their graduates have. One of the selling points of the Ninja program was how online TEFL courses are not worth it, so you should only take a TEFL course in person. He was really persistent with this philosophical point.

Then, of course, COVID-19 hit and it soon because clear that any trip over to Vietnam would be out of the question for a long while. When I contacted the program to ask for a refund, I was told that it wasn’t possible because I’d already paid upfront. However, and this surprised me no s**t Sherlock, they would be able to offer me an online study course as a sort of compensation and my teaching hours I could simply teach to online students.

At first, I was a bit pissed because I’d already invested a lot into my Vietnam plans and I thought I was going to be protected regarding my consumer rights. But I also understood that s**t happens, so I agreed to his proposal. I mean, it could have been worse. I’ve heard of some people flat-out losing all their money because their TEFL school couldn’t work out how to transition to the online format and they lost their course fee.

I won’t lie. The online course looked rushed. It looked like it had been quickly put together. And, it probably had been. But I understood, again this pandemic was out of their hands, so I persisted and then taught the online hours and now I’m TEFL qualified.

One thing that did make me a bit pissed was reading that online TEFL certificates ARE accepted by employers worldwide. The reason this made me pissed was because Ninja TEFL lied to me when they said I had to take a TEFL course in-person. This just isn’t true.

If you are wanting the Online TEFL certificate then I probably wouldn’t recommend Ninja TEFL. If, however, you are in Vietnam when Ninja begin running their in-class course again then I think they are a program which you should seriously look into taking your TEFL course with in Vietnam.

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