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“TEFL Iberia had a lot to teach me”

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TEFL Iberia review, submitted by Ana.

The program was excellent, especially for those who seek to get their certification within a month and are willing to work hard. The program is fast-paced and we learned a lot about teaching methods and gained experience teaching adults. In addition, the teacher we saw most often really cared about her career and our success, which was inspiring.

Admittedly, it’s a small school and a little hectic at times, but considering how much it fitted into the one-month program I chose, it was not unexpected. I also did the program which puts you in contact with an agency that can get you a job in China. After I did several interviews, I got two job offers and accepted a position in southern China; there were many places available in different types of schools, and I managed to find one that I enjoyed.

Overall, TEFL Iberia had a lot to teach me, and I’m really glad I did the program.

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TEFL Iberia had a lot to teach me | Reviews in 2022 and 2023

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