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“Expensive TEFL Certification Fees”

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Expensive TEFL Certification Fees TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Chelsea.

Expensive TEFL Certification Fees.

I thought the course was OK. One reviewer wrote that the school’s website is far better than the study part of the website and I have to agree. The course interface is somewhat clunky and not that user-friendly. This is a study-as-you-go online course and you are in it alone- meaning that there isn’t an online tutor to guide you through the course. There were some assignments that I had to complete and the feedback was a copy-and-paste reply. The course is cheap, but they charge an exorbitant amount for the certificate hard copy. On a more positive note, the course is good. I feel that I learned the basics of ESL teaching. The stand-out great thing about this course is how they approach teaching grammar. It would be easy to fall into the trap of making a module on teaching grammar boring, but the course delivered the information clearly and in a fun way with the use of various activities and examples. My advice to anyone considering this program though is to clarify in advance how much all the extra costs will set you back because it looks cheap at first, but ends up quite expensive by the end. the course is good though so if you don’t mind paying a bit more then this might be the right one for you.

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