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“I can’t recommend this program because they don’t offer any customer support”

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TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Philip.

I completely agree with the previous TEFL Full Circle reviewer that the program would be way better if they just communicated with their customers. Communication with the school is excellent. That is until you pay. The communication just ends once you’ve handed over your money. I tried contacting their office by email, phone, and then adding them on Skype, but I wasn’t successful. Fortunately for me my payment went through fine and I didn’t need to contact them about this. Heaven knows though what I would have done if there had been a problem with my payment. I also agree that whilst the TEFL Full Circle website looks great and is a joy to browse through, the actual course interface is not user-friendly. It kept crashing on me and looks nothing like the website where they actually sell the course. Reminded me a bit of a retro site from the 90’s. I did think that the course materials were quite helpful and informative. It wasn’t as was advertised exactly, but I did learn something from this course. I can’t recommend this program because they don’t offer any customer support.

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  1. Terrible scam! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I’ve paid for courses that I cannot even access on their website! When I contacted their “customer service” with a copy of the receipt to prove that I paid, they lied and said they only have records pf my purchases from a couple of years ago. I hate that i’ve spent all this time attempting to get a certificate and now nothing! Shame on this sham of a company and the unscrupulous individuals that run it.

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