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“I graduated from the 120 hour program at the end of 2020”

4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Laura.

I graduated from the 120 hour program at the end of 2020. It took me two weeks to complete the course. I enjoyed the classes, the flexibility, and the support from the school. I have taken other online courses and I can say that when it comes to having support and people being there for you, TEFL Online Pro wins hands down. My tutor was extremely helpful. Always quick to respond when help was needed with anything from explaining Phonics in more detail for me to help with writing my resume. The jobs support service was equally as helpful in explaining where to apply online, and helped me avoid applying to any schools that have a poor reputation. As well as the TEFL/TESOL certificate I also received a letter of recommendation, which helped a lot during the school hiring process. When I was accepted for a teaching job I was just given 10 working hours in my first 2 weeks. In my third week the school filled up my schedule so that I now literally have to refuse more lessons. I am so busy! I think those first two weeks acted as a probation period so the school could see if I was a reliable person. I’ve chatted online to other teachers and this was also their experience, so I’m guessing this is normal for all schools. Returning to the theme of the course, I recommend it and rate it 4.5 stars from 5. If you are willing to put in the hours and are not expecting a cake walk TEFL mill, TEFL Online Pro is a great choice.

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