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“I totally recommend Maximo Nivel and teaching English in Costa Rica”

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Teaching English Costa Rica Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Bryan.

Teaching English Costa Rica.

Doing the TEFL with Maximo Nivel was a really good decision. I attended school many years ago, but life happened and I didn’t get my degree. I had all but given up on a dream of mine to work overseas when I came across an ad online for English teachers wanted down in Costa Rica. The good kind of wanted ad 🙂 I went ahead and signed up for the Hybrid TEFL classes. It’s an online TEFL Course with a 2-week teaching practicum. Naturally, I took the online TEFL part of the course online, and the 2-week practicum I took in Manuel Antonio. MA is such a beautiful place to be whatever you are doing and I really enjoyed my time spent there. I wasn’t able to find any available jobs in MA (it’s a very popular destination) but I did manage to get a full-time teaching job in San Jose, and when I’m good to travel again I’ll be right back there where I last left off. The only con I can think of about my experience training in MA was the cost of the first month there. I spent much less when I had settled in SJ. This was mostly down to me getting used to the different currencies, and of course, MA is a famously expensive destination within Costa Rica. Other than this one point though I totally recommend Maximo Nivel and teaching English in Costa Rica.

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