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Took the T-E-F-L program with MyTEFL in the latter half of 2020 only to discover that they just provide the course, meaning I had to search for work myself. They promised tutor support as well, but I never got a reply back from whoever should have been my tutor. The blogs I read about this company all gave it top scores, but when I began the course I just wasn’t that impressed by it. You read a chunk of text. You answer a few multiple-choice quiz questions. That’s it. I wouldn’t say it is really worth the price they ask for. The course wasn’t completely bad, and for this reason, I am giving the program 2 stars and not 1. I did learn a few good teaching tips, and I will be making use of the activities included, but I don’t share the same opinion as the bloggers that write this is an “amazing” T-E-F-L course. If you are just looking for a course to take and be done with it then yes, pay the fee and take it. If, however, like me, you expect to get more bang for your buck, I would look elsewhere. I have my suspicions that those bloggers are somehow paid by MyTEFL for their part in marketing their courses. If true, it would account for the disconnect between the bloggers’ high praises and the mixed reviews I’ve read here on trusted tefl reviews. I won’t be recommending MyTEFL. Sorry.

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