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“This isn’t a course that automatically passes you”

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Is International TEFL Academy legit?

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International TEFL Academy Legit International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Laura.

Is International TEFL Academy legit? This isn’t a course that automatically passes you.

If you just want to take a TESOL course that passes you after you have completed a certain number of online tasks, don’t take this course. This isn’t one of those courses.

If you need a TESOL course that makes you work for your certification, take this course.

I was very impressed with the support and materials I received. Although it was a chunk of change to sign up, I think it’s definitely worth it in the long term. Why? Well, this ain’t no TEFL mill program. They won’t automatically pass you when you’ve completed the course.

I must admit that I sort of began the course with the hope that I could pass it just by following the program guidelines, but when my first assignment was rejected, it made me start to really think about how I was formulating my lesson plans and this drove me, motivated me, to produce the best work which I could in subsequent assignments.

By the end of the course, I felt my head would explode with all the new knowledge taken in 🙂

But I became a better teacher because of this. And this is the message of my review.

Sure, take one of those cheap Groupon TEFL courses if you want to do things by half measure.

But if you actually want to pick up valuable, long-lasting skills, I recommend this International TEFL Academy program.

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  1. Yes, International TEFL Academy is a legit trainer. But, its courses are far more costly than courses offered by some trainers that offer exactly the same certification and exactly the same services.
    For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend International TEFL Academy.
    I’m sure they have great courses and great trainers, but it isn’t worth the cost.

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