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“They charge $75 to post your certificate”

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120-Hour Master Certificate Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Troy.

Overall, not a terribly good experience with Bridge TEFL.

For one thing, they rarely get back to you when you email them. I found this particularly frustrating when I needed help with something I wasn’t so sure about in one of the Teaching Grammar sections. After re-sending the same email about five times, I just gave up and winged the section. I chose Bridge because of their hundreds of four and five-star reviews on Trust Pilot. Having looked more into Trust Pilot, I can now see that a lot of those reviews are probably not real customer reviews. The 120 Hour Master Certificate course is pretty expensive, and they charge $75 to post your certificate. In my opinion, this course is overpriced and Bridge should really be a lot more upfront from the start about the extra certification expenses.

What did I like about the course? I liked how it followed a clear line of logic. You begin by studying the theory of teaching and end by covering the method of teaching. It made a lot of sense to have the course structured this way. Besides getting unstuck in the grammar section, I found that the other sections made a lot of sense. The section on Phonetics was exceptional. It was a real eye-opener into how and why we pronounce consonants and vowels. The videos were instructional, if quite outdated.

I guess this course would be useful for someone wanting to teach in North America, due to Bridge being located in downtown Denver, Colorado. I just wasn’t impressed by the lack of customer service. Bridge TEFL is likely a very popular TEFL school, with hundreds of students each month, and this shows – for all the wrong reasons.

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