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“Is TEFL Online Pro Legit?”

Is TEFL Online Pro Legit? Yes!

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Is TEFL Online Pro legit? | TEFL Online Pro reviews

TEFL Online Pro is a legitimate online TEFL/TESOL certification company | TEFL Online Pro is a Fully Accredited online TEFL/TESOL certification course program.

The vast majority of TEFL Online Pro student reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews are positive and customers consistently recommend this program – graduates rate the program top marks for the quality of its course, its student support services, and the international recognition of the certification.

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Teachers’ Choice Award | TEFL Online Pro has won the prestigious Teachers’ Choice Award for the past four consecutive years: 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

TEFL/TESOL online programs receive an additional program reviews category when they win the Teachers’ Choice Award and are granted the ability to enjoy a whole year’s free exposure on Trusted TEFL Reviews, where they may post, for example, any current course discounts or promotions.

5 star online tefl review

Is TEFL Online Pro legit review, submitted by Jane Clark.

Is TEFL Online Pro Legit? The TEFL Online Pro course has been nothing but a positive experience!

When you finally decide on a course to take, you can never be absolutely certain if what was advertised will be what is actually delivered once you’ve made your payment and there’s no going back. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to pay only to find I’d been scammed. I read online there were TEFL scams so I guess I was overly paranoid. Reading the TEFL Online Pro reviews here and on other websites relaxed my anxieties and in the end, I just went for it. I paid with my credit card and literally in a matter of a minute, my payment went through, I was emailed a payment receipt, I got an email with my password and username to access the login course area, and about half an hour later I received a personalized Welcome To The Course email from the TEFL Online Pro office. Not many companies these days react so quickly once a payment goes through and has been received. I was impressed.

The TEFL Online Pro course is super practical and easy to follow. I chose the 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course because I hadn’t taught before and because this seemed to be the requirement of most of the job offers I’d seen advertised. The course setup is also a lot of fun because to progress to the next stage of the course, you need to complete a multiple-choice quiz after each module and I thought this was a really clever way to test knowledge. Plus, there are two lesson plans that need to be submitted and you then receive constructive feedback on how you did. My first lesson plan was rejected in its first submission, Sue told me where I went wrong and what she would recommend I do to improve it, and I resubmitted it for the second time, It was accepted and I appreciated the in-detail feedback because it would have been easier for her to just pass me but by pushing me to work properly on it I overcame my laziness and then was able to submit a second lesson plan towards the end of the course which was awarded a top grade.

When you complete the course you receive your certificate and a letter of recommendation a few days after. I was pleasantly surprised there was no extra charge for this because I’d read other schools are charging ridiculous amounts for the certificate as unscrupulous hidden fees. My certificate looks amazing! 🙂 I’ve got the hard-copy version framed on my living room wall and the electronic version has been perfectly fine for applying for jobs.

You won’t find it difficult to find work with this certification. I graduated from TEFL Online Pro in August 2019 and by the beginning of September, I was actually having to turn down offers because so many were coming my way.

So the answer to the question, is TEFL Online Pro legit? is a most definite Yes!

I want to take this opportunity to thank TEFL Online Pro – in particular, Sue and Paul – for helping me before, during, and after the course. You guys rock! 🙂

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  1. Hello Mia,

    Could you please highlight/sticky this comment for us?
    Thank you.

    Five of our business competitors have been running a smear campaign against TEFL Online Pro.

    It began back in 2019 after we won the Teachers’ Choice Award for the first time.

    The competitors running the smear campaign:


    ITT International TEFL and TESOL Ltd.



    The TEFL Academy (TTA)

    TEFL Online Pro has responded with a statement, refuting their made-up allegations:


    Thank you, Mia.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro


    The Teachers’ Choice Award winner in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022


  2. Hello Jane,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback of the tefl online pro 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL international certification course program.

    We really appreciate it!

    We hope you are safe and healthy where you are right now and we look forward to working with you when you require further assistance from our International Job Guidance Team!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager
    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019

  3. Hi

    I would like to get TEFL certified in order to teach abroad, Spain if possible.

    I was just wondering if it would be possible to finish the 120 hour online course within 4 weeks.

    I also have some questions:
    1. How am I going to be evaluated?
    2. Is there any final exam?
    3. Is it possible to fail the course?
    4. How long will it take to get the certificate?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Emma,

      Thank you for your message.

      Teaching English in Spain will certainly be possible once the pandemic is completely under control there and when Spain reopens its international borders. Here is a blog post to provide you with a general overview of teaching English in Spain:


      And yes, it is possible to finish the 120-Hour Online (Professional) course within 4 weeks.

      Let me answer those questions for you now:

      1. You will be evaluated after each module with the completion of an End of Module Quiz. In addition, there are two lesson plans to complete.

      2. Because students are evaluated throughout the course, there isn’t a final exam to complete.

      3. Technically it is possible to fail the course, but so far (touch wood) no one has.

      4. You will receive your international TEFL/TESOL certificate within seven days of course completion.

      I also just want to add, Emma, that once you complete the course, you will gain automatic access to the tefl online pro International Job Guidance Team. You will also receive your Official Letter of Recommendation.

      Please feel free to fire away if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,

      Paul Murphy

      Operations Manager
      Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019

  4. Hello Emma,

    Thank you for your reply.

    You can purchase the course on the tefl online pro school website:


    We accept most major credit/debit cards.

    The process takes just a few minutes and when you have made your course purchase, you will gain immediate access to your personal course study area. The course comes with complimentary Online Tutor support as well.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager
    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019

  5. I would recommend taking the TEFL cert course with TEFL Online Pro. They were just so incredibly approachable, helpful and supportive. Getting work was real easy with this cert and the reference they wrote for me made me sound like a teacher rock star! 🙂 This is a superb program. Top marks!

  6. I completed the TEFL Online Pro 120 hour TEFL course last week and I agree with everything Jane has written about the company. Compared with what I read about some of the other major TEFL programs out there, TEFL Online Pro are clearly the go-to choice for TEFL certification. The 120 hour course through this school is top-notch, and so is their customer service. I have only positive things to write about this company. A week on, I’m already teaching English online. This was all thanks to Paul and his international job guidance team’s support. A highly recommended program to get your TEFL certification with!

    1. Hello Chris,

      Thank you very much for leaving your feedback of your TEFL Online Pro 120-Hour (Professional) international TEFL/TESOL course experience.

      We really appreciate your feedback.

      Wishing you continued success teaching English online, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

      Kind regards,

      Paul Murphy

      Operations Manager
      Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

  7. Recently finished my 120-Hour course with this company.
    Managed to catch a discount they were offering at the time and that shaved $50 off the course fee.
    I must admit I was a bit skeptical seeing so many positive reviews of this company online, but I can confirm that this is a 5-star program.
    The course taught me so much, the support was consistently excellent, and receiving my certificate went like a breeze.
    They even helped me with my resume and finding a job online.
    I’m now searching for a job overseas and TEFL Online Pro has been helping me these past couple of weeks with excellent advice.
    It looks very likely I’ll be heading over to teach in Spain this summer and then I might travel on to Asia in October.
    The support this company gives you is phenomenal.
    A true diamond in the rough.
    Thank you TEFL Online Pro!

  8. Is TEFL Online Pro legitimate?

    I would have to write that compared with other TEFL/TESOL courses that I looked into, TEFL Online Pro by far offers the best value-for-money TEFL program.

    It took me weeks to finally decide on this TEFL program and in doing my research I came to the conclusion that this program was the one with the most positive customer reviews, no hidden charges, and graduates teaching around the world without any issues.

    I was put off by some programs because they seemed to try to cover up their negative reviews with fabricated websites and blogs.

    I haven’t begun teaching overseas yet, but I have been teaching online for the past six months.

    Without the expert support that I received from the TEFL Online Pro international job guidance team, it would have been a lot harder to find the online jobs I was able to secure.

    I can definitely recommend the teflonlinepro.com TEFL/TESOL program.


  9. Hi!

    I left a comment under this Tefl Online Pro student review back on May 10th. Was so impressed with the quick and helpful response to my questions by Paul Murphy from Tefl Online Pro that I decided to enroll in their Tesol online course. I enrolled the next day in fact. This is the write-up of my experience both during and after my Tefl Online Pro 120 hours course study.

    I found the signup process quick and simple. After entering my credit card details on the Tefl Online Pro website, I automatically received a confirmation of my successful order, an electronic invoice, and an email containing my username and password to access the course. I then logged into the teflonlinepro.com website and was all set to start. A few hours later, I got another email from Tefl Online Pro- personally welcoming me onto the course. I appreciated the welcome email addressed to me personally. It was nice knowing that I wasn’t just another student number.

    Because I took the 120 hours course, there wasn’t a 20 hours teaching practice element. The 20 hours of teaching is only a feature of their 140 hours Hybrid TEFL/TESOL course. This didn’t really matter because the course thoroughly covered creating lesson plans and I was expected to create two original lesson plans as part of the module assignments. This was super useful because I got lengthy feedback on both of them and I could try out some of the games and activities I’d covered in the modules. My first lesson plan was just OK (I’m new to Tefl) but my second was far far better. This was all thanks to the feedback and the advice and tips my online tutor gave me. The course is full of useful information so I was spoilt for choice as to what to include in both lesson plans.

    In the first assignment, they let you create a lesson plan completely as you want. In the second, you have to create one for a lesson teaching the differences between the Past Simple and Present Perfect tenses.

    The online tutor access feature is pretty awesome. Whenever I had a question, or when I submitted my assignments, I received very quick responses. Never waited longer than 5 or 6 hours for a response. Also, the online tutor support comes free with the course.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the content of the modules. I’m more of a visual learner so the many graphics and diagrams made this course an enjoyable and memorable study experience. This was especially relevant in the grammar and creating lesson plans modules, where many visual examples are provided. This meant the course wasn’t flat and boring and I never once felt like I was laboring through the materials.

    It took me just under 2 weeks to complete the whole 120 hours, including work on my assignments. For me, this meant working on the modules every afternoon and evening and also putting some hours in on the weekends.

    My certificate was issued on the day I finished the course and I was also issued a letter of recommendation. The letter has since been useful for job applications, when a language school has requested two recommendations from either a past employer or education facility.

    Since then I’ve been teaching English online. I didn’t need so much help with my job search but I did have questions about the interview process and which schools were good ones to teach at, etc. Also approached the TEFL Online Pro office for help with my resume and CV. This is where Tefl Online Pro excelled again. They looked over my resume and CV for me, answered my questions promptly, and gave me some great job hunting advice/tips.

    My long-term plan is to go teach in Spain. I’ve been communicating with the Tefl Online Pro school office and they are helping me with this objective. I’ve already been accepted for a teaching position in Barcelona, beginning September 2021. I’m now preoccupied with applying to as many other schools as I can to see which one will give me the best working conditions. The support I’ve received from Tefl Online Pro and the fact that I can use the certification literally anywhere has made my dream of earning money through teaching English a reality.

    I can’t really think of anything negative to write. One minor gripe would be that some of the quiz questions at the end of the modules were a bit too easy. But other than that my Tefl Online Pro experience was and has been excellent- especially considering how some other Tefl programs offering the same certification charge at least double what TEFL Online Pro charges, plus sneaky hidden charges.

    As a very satisfied customer, I definitely recommend the program. The course content is excellent, the support is excellent, the course is excellent value for money, and the certificate is the perfect gateway for a transition into teaching English online or abroad. I give the program 9/10.

    Emma Robinson.

  10. I took the TEFL Online Pro 120 hour course back in 2019. It was an excellent experience.
    Since taking the course, I’ve mostly been teaching online. This has been perfect for me because I get to earn the same money as if I were teaching onsite, but I have complete flexibility with where I teach.
    Definitely recommend this company. From what I’ve heard from other teachers whom I’ve spoken to, TEFL Online Pro have a solid reputation in the ESL world.

  11. Yesterday I enrolled in their 120 hour course and so far I’m very satisfied. I’ve already completed two modules and the customer support so far has been excellent. I just went with the best-rated TEFL program (TEFL Online Pro) because I knew what to expect from what others have written about the program and I didn’t want to take a gamble on one of the other programs.

  12. TEFL Online Pro graduation report.
    I got certified in the first week in January and since February I’ve been teaching to online students from Japan, Macau, and South Korea.
    It took me 2-3 weeks from start to finish to find a teaching job which I felt comfortable with.
    By “comfortable with” I mean the schedule and how much I would be getting paid.
    TEFL Online Pro helped me get my resume up to scratch and they also helped me connect with a long list of reputable employers.
    I’m currently teaching for 2 schools that are paying me between $35 US and $50 US for 1 teaching hour (60 or 45 minutes, depending on the student and time of day.)
    I already have plans to teach English in Europe from this summer onwards and I’m currently receiving support from TEFL Online Pro with regards to jobs and what is required of me in terms of visas and work permits.
    I have to say that choosing TEFL Online Pro for my TESOL certification was an awesome decision and I definitely recommend them if you want to earn money teaching English.
    I wanted to write this update because I know there are lots of other TEFL programs out there and I can confirm that everything positive said about TEFL Online Pro is true.
    Peace and love, Cathy

  13. Thank you very much, Cathy, for your positive feedback of our services!

    Wishing you continued teaching English success, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro


    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020 | 2021

    https://www.acteflc.com/ | Fully Accredited TEFL Course Provider

  14. You really can’t go wrong with TEFL Online Pro.
    It’s fully accredited and its certificates are internationally recognized.
    If I were taking my TEFL again, I’d take this program.
    There are other great programs, such as OISE UoT and Bridge TEFL, but TEFL Online Pro seems to have the edge when it comes to bang for your buck as they offer the same certificates as OISE and Bridge and their course prices are more competitively priced.
    OISE UoT and Bridge TEFL have expensive office space overheads, so that’s the reason why their courses are more expensive than TEFL Online Pro’s.
    I’ve met a few teachers with TEFL Online Pro certificates and they reported no problems with getting work.
    One of the teachers I met was teaching at the British Council with their TEFL Online Pro 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL certificate. That says a lot for the recognition of the certification from this online company.

  15. Have had a really positive experience with this company. The course has been easy to follow and my online tutor has been quick to respond and very helpful and supportive with it. I’m close to finishing now and can say that tefl online pro is definitely legit. I chose this program because of the reviews I read and because it is fully accredited and internationally recognized. I am a very satisfied customer and can recommend to others.

  16. I purchased the teflonlinepro.com 120-Hour Professional certification course at the beginning of the new year in mid-January, based on the positive customer reviews, and based on the course price.

    What I particularly liked was the instant feedback on my lesson plan coursework assignments, and there being someone always online and ready to offer advice and support whenever I had a question or an issue.

    I saw cheaper and more expensive courses, so chose teflonlinepro.com also partly because they were priced somewhere in the middle.

    The certificate has already been paid back in spades.

    I started out teaching online for Cambly and now I’m teaching for an international school in Hanoi.

    The course is fully accredited, which definitely helps, and the course was just intensive enough to cover all the main TEFL/TESOL categories that every employer that I interviewed with expected me to have some knowledge of.

    For the money I paid for the course, the support and the final outcome have been excellent.

    I recommend the teflonlinepro.com program and have recommended it to others.

    When I was applying for my current job in Vietnam, teflonlinepro.com was one of the recommended TEFL programs on the list of programs recognized by the Vietnam government for the strict visa requirements.

    I don’t have anything bad to write about the program because it was a stellar course and it’s done what it said it would do.

    I teach with some teachers that took the CELTA and they know less about teaching than I do.

    Not all of them, but some of them.

    Considering the teflonlinepro.com course is a fraction of the cost of a CELTA certificate, I would say avoid the CELTA and just go with teflonlinepro.com.

    One last thing is that CELTA schools sometimes help you with job support when you’ve completed the course, but teflonlinepro.com provide lifetime job support.

    This is an important point because when you want to move locations, you can just email or call teflonlinepro.com and someone from the office will spend time with you to answer your questions and provide expert advice. And, it’s a free service.

    It’s no wonder they won the Teachers’ Choice Award last year as well.

    The best bang for your buck in my opinion.

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