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“An honest assessment of the International TEFL Academy online TESOL certification course”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Richard.

An honest assessment of the International TEFL Academy online TESOL certification course.

(not to be confused with The TEFL Academy, which is a completely different company)

The International TEFL Academy program stood out for me the finding an online TEFL course process due to its superb company presentation online. Whoever is in charge of their marketing, give them a paid holiday. In this respect, ITA stands out far beyond the crowd.

It isn’t the cheapest TEFL course, but definitely not the most expensive. For all the organizing and thought which clearly went into developing the course and maintaining it, I consider the extra expense justified.

It’s run on the Moodle learning management system. This has pros and cons. The pros are that everything is organized, and methodical. All your work is assessed by the team leader and there is transparency in the assessments. This platform is also designed so you can share tips with other students who are taking the course at the same time as you are. The cons are that because it is Moodle, there are fixed start and end dates. It also takes a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the complex nature of the system.

You will need to purchase the certificate, but I think all schools follow this business model. The certificate is the real deal. Looks amazing.

Because International TEFL Academy is such a large organization you might like I did, find it difficult to reach the right person when you have a visa or job offer query. So this is an area I thought ITA could improve on.

Overall, I’d recommend this course if you are looking for something that pretty much resembles an intensive CELTA certification course online.

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