“Is myTEFL Legit? The myTEFL certification course online was a reasonable choice”

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Is myTEFL legit MyTEFL review, submitted by Mark.

Is myTEFL Legit? The myTEFL certification course online was a reasonable choice.

I took the myTEFL 120 hour TESOL course online, which with the 30% discount came to a little over 200 USD. This is a pretty much middle of the road price for one of these online TESOL courses. I did notice some really really cheap ones being offered for as little as a few bucks, but I’m not such a fool as to fall for that one. I liken it to learning a language. Would I pay my tutor 5 USD per hour to teach me a language? No, I wouldn’t. So the myTEFL course price seemed fair, considering there was no bricks and mortar building to attend. So I can see why these online TESOL courses are cheaper than the in-class ones because they have much lower overheads to take care of.

Apart from the odd typo and grammar mistake contained within the myTEFL 120 hour course content, I couldn’t fault the overall focus and instruction of the course. There are a variety of teaching areas covered, Curriculum Planning being the one I most enjoyed working through, but as an introductory course I did at times note to myself that it wasn’t challenging enough for someone like myself who had done some teaching before. For anyone venturing into teaching for the first time though it is a fair balance between the easy and more difficult tasks.

You are issued with your certificate when you finish. To be quote honest, the certificate does look a bit like it was designed and printed by my nephew, but as far as I’m aware there is an option to purchase (at extra cost) a hardcopy printed version. I don’t know how much that costs. This is an average course in terms of the course content quality, the final certificate, and the amount of support provided for you, but compared with those dirt cheap TEFL/TESOL courses being advertised on places like Groupon, I’d take this myTEFL course over them every time. Is myTEFL legit? Yes, but with some reservations.

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