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“This was a really good course and my thanks go out to the UoT teaching staff who supported me throughout”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by James.

I came across trustedteflreviews.com this week while I was searching for a Business English teaching course and I thought it was high time I wrote a review of the UoT TEFL certification program.

I was actually teaching English as a foreign language in Korea before I took this course. To teach in Korea and qualify for a work visa, you just need a college degree under your belt. I loved my Korean stay and lived there for a full school year, but I never really felt fully confident in the classes I taught because I didn’t have the TEFL foundation knowledge behind me. In hindsight, I can’t see why a college degree is the main qualification required when studying English Literature doesn’t qualify you in any way to teach English. Some of my friends though did have the TEFL and they were on a slightly higher rate than I was, so even in Korea the TEFL does account for something.

It was then that I decided I wanted to live and work in Paris and when I applied to schools they all insisted I have a TEFL certificate. Panic! I conducted a quick search for TEFL schools and the UoT TEFL stood out.

Despite having taught for a full school year, I realized as I made my way through the course just how many gaps I had in my existing TEFL knowledge. I was embarrassed by how much I didn’t know when I was being paid to teach my own language to students who paid a premium for my services in Korea. So yeah, I learned a hell of a lot of useful information and tips in this course.

I didn’t take the UoT TEFL up on their job guidance support help through their partner Teach Away after I had completed the course only because by then I already had a few strong job offers, dependent on my having taken the course in the first place. The certificate was accepted without issues and I’ve been settled here in Paris ever since.

This was a really good course and my thanks go out to the UoT teaching staff who supported me throughout.

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