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“In short, don’t bother with IOA TEFL/TESOL”

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International Open Academy review, written by Ruth.

The IOA TEFL/TESOL certification course online is nothing more than a complete waste of time and money, and for the ridiculously low price that I paid, I should have really known that before parting with my money. I wish I had read the reviews on before parting with my money and wasting a whole weekend before realizing it made absolutely no sense in continuing further. As you can imagine, and as I now know as confirmed, you can’t expect much from a TEFL/TESOL course heavily discounted at $20 when the majority of TEFL/TESOL courses cost $200 upwards.

In short, don’t bother with IOA TEFL/TESOL. The course is light on content, you won’t learn much, and their customer care sucks. I wouldn’t even take this course if it were offered for free.

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