“My take of the Teflen course is that it was worth it”

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3 star online tefl review

Teflen review, submitted by Gabriella.

Just after completing TEFL with Teflen, I feel comfortable advising other students about the course:

  1. It’s a lot harder than you think or expect. I felt completely lost on the grammar modules The information provided was a bit vague in sections, meaning I needed the help of other resources in order to move from one module to the next.
  2. The course content was good. There were issues with video content taking forever to stream, even though I am working with high-speed internet. When I asked Teflen they replied that it must be some issue with my internet connection.
  3. The format of the Teflen course could at times appear unclear and clumsy. Noticed a few red-flag typos too.
  4. It took a while for my certificate to be delivered and it was clear then that I wouldn’t receive much help at all in finding work.

My take on the Teflen course is that it was worth it, but you will find yourself pulling your hair out at times because of the overly complex grammar sections and you probably won’t hear back from them when you contact Teflen after the course.

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