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“My OISE University of Toronto TEFL | Teach Away Review”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Dom.

My OISE University of Toronto TEFL | Teach Away Review.

The course was extremely thorough, covering everything from linguistics to classroom management. So all in all, there was a wide range of topics. Including lesson planning tips. This is not a TEFL mill and you do need to prepare yourself for a fully loaded course which at times can have you pulling your hair out with frustration. But I would rather go through the “pain” of a serious study course than pay a few bucks for an automatic pass from some of the really cheap and nasty courses that compete with OISE University of Toronto TEFL | Teach Away. If I had to write anything negative, I would write that for the price of the course they should issue their course certificates more promptly. All in all though an excellent course and worth the investment.

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My OISE University of Toronto TEFL Teach Away Review Canada TESOL

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