"Worried about ITTT TEFL! Help!"

1 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Jana.

Worried about ITTT TEFL! Help!

I would have awarded ITTT TEFL (International TEFL and TESOL Training) the maximum five star review rating, but since reading about the dubiousness of their ‘ottsa’ accreditation partner, I’m wondering whether I’ve been scammed and if I just wasted a heap of money on nothing of any real value.

I do want to add that the course was really enjoyable, despite not paying the extra for tutor support. The certificate still hasn’t arrived in the post, which I see is a common thread of consumer complaints. But I don’t mind the wait as long as I haven’t been a victim of a scam.

Could somebody please reply? I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is all just an innocent mix up, but the MyTEFL Scam article has seriously spoofed me because it also mentions ITTT TEFL !!! 😦

Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice whatsoever!

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  1. I wanted to add that I did reach out to ITTT TEFL before I decided to ask away here at trustedteflreviews but ITTT TEFL never got back to me. And this increased my anxiety levels even higher 😦 I actually found it quite confusing because ITTT TEFL run like 20 different websites. Hoping for a response soon…

  2. Hello Jana.

    Thank you for your comment.

    I’m afraid that although ITTT TEFL are almost definitely avid followers of, they have never responded to a valid, verified customer comment or review to date.

    I am not in a position to speculate as to why the silence, but it does seem odd when other Online TEFL programs respond to verified customer reviews and comments on

    As a bit of help your way, over the coming days, we will be exposing the practices of accreditation scams over in the Online TEFL Course Scams section.

    I hope this response from us has been useful for you.

    Mia Williams

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