“Worried about ITTT TEFL! Help!”

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ITTT review, submitted by Jana.

Worried about ITTT TEFL! Help!

I would have awarded ITTT TEFL (International TEFL and TESOL Training) the maximum five-star review rating, but since reading about the dubiousness of their ‘ottsa’ accreditation partner, I’m wondering whether I’ve been scammed and if I just wasted a heap of money on nothing of any real value.

I do want to add that the course was really enjoyable, despite not paying the extra for tutor support. The certificate still hasn’t arrived in the post, which I see is a common thread of consumer complaints. But I don’t mind the wait as long as I haven’t been a victim of a scam.

Could somebody please reply? I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is all just an innocent mix-up, but the MyTEFL Scam article has seriously spoofed me because it also mentions ITTT TEFL !!! šŸ™

Thanks so much in advance for any help or advice whatsoever!

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  1. I wanted to add that I did reach out to ITTT TEFL before I decided to ask away here at trustedteflreviews but ITTT TEFL never got back to me. And this increased my anxiety levels even higher šŸ™ I actually found it quite confusing because ITTT TEFL run like 20 different websites. Hoping for a response soon…

  2. Hello Jana.

    Thank you for your comment.

    I’m afraid that although ITTT TEFL are almost definitely avid followers of, they have never responded to a valid, verified customer comment or review to date.

    I am not in a position to speculate as to why the silence, but it does seem odd when other Online TEFL programs respond to verified customer reviews and comments on

    As a bit of help your way, over the coming days, we will be exposing the practices of accreditation scams over in the Online TEFL Course Scams section.

    I hope this response from us has been useful for you.

    Mia Williams

  3. PLEASE don’t take the ITTT TEFL course in Cebu! I paid ahead, nobody was there to wait for me there at the airport, and when I turned up for my scheduled teaching practicum the school was closed for “operational reasons”.

    I was literally forced to stay the night in the red light district before the next flight back home the following morning.

  4. Hello Amy.

    I’m SO sorry to read what you were forced to go through in an unknown destination, halfway around the world! have been receiving a lot of vicious comments from the Cebu region, from an anonymous person who now is no longer so anonymous. It may appear that they are somehow connected with ITTT TEFL.

    We did a bit of research and couldn’t locate an ITTT TEFL school in Cebu.

    It must be a local school that ITTT TEFL send students there way, while claiming that they are the course provider.

    In the world of business, it’s termed as trying to inflate your business image so as to give the impression of “international status”.

    Really, it must have been a nightmare to have to have slept a night in such a seedy area. How utterly horrible for you!

    Please everyone reading this, check out our Online TEFL Courses Directory as this is a guarantee of a school’s reliability.

    As a result of your post Amy, we have dropped ITTT TEFL 2 places in the Online TEFL school ranking:

    Mia Williams

  5. Hello Amy.

    I took a look at the ITTT TEFL website and they claim to offer in-class courses in many global destinations.

    They claim, on their school homepage, that they are ‘present in over 25 countries around the world’.

    It would be a logistical nightmare for a school to have 25 in-class school locations, so it looks to us that they advertise a class in one country, take a deposit from the student wanting to study there, and then when the student arrives for their “ITTT TEFL” training, they pay the remaining course fee to the local school, which very likely won’t be run, in any way, through the ITTT TEFL program.

    I’m not justifying this type of business model, but ITTT TEFL are definitely not the only company that adopt this business model.

    My advice, if choosing one of the ITTT TEFL abroad locations, is to insist that it’s confirmed through writing that the class will in fact be taught by ITTT TEFL. Should ITTT TEFL refuse, then you should try and find out exactly who will be responsible for your in-class training.

    This is a typical switch and bait method of conducting business.

    It should also be noted that ITTT TEFL operate under at least 10 different websites:

    I hope it helps.

    Mia Williams

  6. They are a scam. It’s a gut feeling and common sense from my experience with them. All that studying and upfront payment my personal investment for 0 incentive to fulfill their end of the agreement has left me burning with rage. I was so embarrassed and let down, when I realized that I had been tricked. And they date continue to ask me for a review. I left my honest review before, but more than likely, they will have muffled it. Justice will be served! They cannot get away with this any longer. I hope every single one of us gets back what is ours, including our dignity. Thank you, Mia, for all that you do :-).

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