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“disingenuous marketing tactics.”

2 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Jo.

I thought it was time I wrote a review of my UoT/Teach Away TEFL experience as it’s been a while now and I came across this website when I was researching EFL teaching ideas.

The good news is that the course is excellent. It was much more intense than I had expected, and the feedback was there upon request whenever I had a course-related question. I can’t fault the course at all. Neither the course support. For this, University of Toronto/Teach Away (they are the same company – a bit later on this) earn a strong 4 stars from me.

The bad news is that the brand name of the University of Toronto is promoted by Teach Away in rather disingenuous marketing tactics. Yes, the certificate has University of Toronto on it, but when I did some digging I discovered that it is just a company who use the university brand name for financial gain. You won’t be able to earn any college credits with this certification, and won’t be qualified to teach English in Canada. Also, I really can’t see why there are two company names, when the certification is issued by Teach Away.

Also, as a few others on TTR have noted, the course fee is way too high and doesn’t represent value for money. It’s priced the same as an onsite TEFL, but offers the same certification as a standard online TEFL. A major red flag.

I also didn’t like it how they spam the forums, and both Quora and Reddit. I expected more from a program selling a course for nigh on 1,000 bucks.

I recommend the course and company support, but don’t recommend taking it because of the ludicrous price point. Sorry, UoT/Teach Away. I understand that you mean well but the price you are charging borders on being an outright rip-off.

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