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tefl online pro review, submitted by Jason.

I’ve got about an hour between classes to write this review, so please excuse me if I suddenly need to abruptly end it.

After much deliberation, I chose to take the Professional (120-hour course) offered through tefl online pro and my main motivation for this was based on the consistently excellent reviews that this program was receiving.

Throughout my experience with them, I kept thinking to myself that this is how all companies should aim to adhere to wonderful communication and always be helpful and professional.

I think the original cost of the course was something like $299, but I received a 30% discount through their summer discount promotion, so I only paid something like $209 for the complete package.

There were no complications with signing up. Very easy in fact. After asking a few questions I was directed to their Enroll page and the whole process of payment was completed in under 5 minutes. They didn’t try to upsell me to a more expensive course and were completely upfront with me throughout the whole process.

Literally, a few minutes later I received my course order payment confirmation, with another email confirming my login username and password, and within 15 minutes of making payment, I was in and up and started on my first module.

I really loved the thought and effort that had obviously gone into designing such a user-friendly online study course. Yes, you do need to study the modular content, but then at the end of each module, there is a fun quiz that made the experience of learning the modular content really effective. Once I’d completed the first module, I was automatically granted access to the second, and so on. I also liked how the quiz highlighted any incorrect questions and gave the correct answer version.

The materials covered were obviously written by someone who has a lot of EFL experience because the natural flow of the content made a lot of sense as you then began the next module and were able to clearly see the path to how English should be taught systematically and effectively.

To begin with, I had a few questions and what I also loved is their messaging system. If you have a question, you just write a message on the module page you are on and within less than an hour I received a full response. This saved the time of going back and forth with email support which I hear other programs adopt.

When I’d completed the final task I received immediate notification of my final grade, received my certificate and a fancy-looking recommendation letter, and then was handed over to their International Job Guidance Team who didn’t just give me a list of schools like other schools do that I’ve read online. Instead, a Skype meeting was set up and I had a face-to-face consultation that went on for over an hour, asking where I would like to teach, what I would like ideally expect to be earning, etc.

A few more skype meetings were arranged and by the 4th one (if my recollection is correct) I was able to confirm that a 5th wouldn’t be necessary as I’d been accepted to start teaching in Prague from January (of this year).

tefl online pro helped me with all the essential red tape visa info and even did a background check on the language school to make sure that I was making a good choice of school to teach for. And, they are going to help me with obtaining my business license so I can also teach privately and (eventually) try setting up my very own language school.

When I speak to other teachers at my school and discuss my TEFL training experience some of them feel a little jaded; having spent thousands for a residential course that offered far less than my online course did.

I am just so effin’ happy with the whole experience and can’t recommend this online TEFL program enough. Super!

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