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MyTEFL review, submitted by Susan.

Although there were some grammatical mistakes I picked up on during the course, I thought it had well-developed structure and fit my learner needs. Not quite sure how they reach the 120-figure which this course claims it contains as it took me a couple of wet afternoons to complete, but nonetheless it got me TEFL qualified so that’s all I care about. They’ll email you a PDF copy of your certificate after the course which you can print out. This did remind me of an SNL sketch I saw once about taking a university course online and initially made me feel incredibly nervous that I had been scammed. But upon checking I see it is standard for a lot of these TEFL schools. I do have to agree with the preceding reviewer that the course just doesn’t live up to its online hype and that yes, there does seem to be a disconnect between what a few blogs say about this course and what is actually provided, but as a general rule of thumb it is a decent course – it comes in a lot cheaper than some other options and if you can ignore the odd grammatical error here and there then I see no reason why not to pay the few hundred bucks to take it. Just take into account the extra fee at the end when you will want a hard-copy version of your certificate. A mixed review really.

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