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TEFL Express review, submitted by rather not say.

I want to bring to everyone’s attention the bad business practices of TEFL Express. Btw, they are also operating under the name “TEFL Cambridge”.

When I first saw their massive 88% course discount, it immediately grabbed my attention and as the Groupon reviews were OK it made me think I was getting a really sweet deal. The course supposedly retails at £399 and I received the £49 price. So yeah, a massive saving.

I received my login fine and logged in without issues.

The course was a joke and there were spelling mistakes throughout. It was also quite easy and not demanding at all.

But the clanger came at the course end when TEFL Cambridge, A.K.A TEFL Express, notified me that I had in fact failed overall and that to have the opportunity of passing the course I would need to pay for a course extension (which wasn’t heavily discounted.)

Before making payment, I took a look online to see whether anyone else had the same experience – there is no way I failed that ridiculously easy course – and lo and behold I did manage to find other people who went through the exact same experience as me.

Anyway, I managed to eventually receive a refund from Groupon and would advise anyone to avoid these types of super-cheap courses. Especially TEFL Express/TEFL Cambridge!

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