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Review of the ITA TEFL Online program

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by M.J.

It’s been a few years now since I took ITA’s (International Tefl Academy) online Tefl certification course.

I remember the program experience with mixed emotions.

Most online Tefl courses which you sign up for get you started straight away and you get to study at your own pace. With ITA however, you need to join specific course dates as they use the Moodle learning platform. This isn’t really such a big issue if you have the free time, but I can imagine for some people with serious time commitments that this course would be too intrusive on their schedules. I definitely did find the course way over complicated and the Moodle platform difficult to work with. Moodle is an open source (free) platform, so I did question the extremely high course fees when using Moodle and not an LMS developed by ITA.

Despite the complexity and confusion, I found the course to be of high quality and I did learn a lot. I’ve experienced no issue since with using the course certificate in interviews either.

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